Audio/Visual Team

The A/V team is comprised of people from the church community who work behind the scenes on Sunday mornings, and during special church events, to ensure the sound and visuals enhance the worship. The projector slides for Sunday morning use a simple worship program, similar to any kind of Power Point flow. The computer operator is responsible for advancing the slides at the appropriate time. This is a very simple, but crucial component in worship and we welcome any volunteer who would like to learn and serve in this way. Training is provided.

audio_visThe sound ministry is equally important, and requires more specialized training. Presently we have a handful of rotating sound technicians who assist with microphone set-up and clearing, band or choir rehearsals, and special events. We are always looking for individuals who feel called to this area of service. We provide training on our two systems – River Room or Main sanctuary, and are happy to continue your education until you feel comfortable behind the board.