PCBW Deacon Roles and Responsibilities

Deacons support the ministry of the Presbyterian Church of the Bigwood and are committed to the care of the congregation and the community. They minister to those from within the membership and beyond the community of Faith.

They provide a ministry of compassion and prayer to those who may be ill, friendless or distressed. The deacons participate in hospitality and church events so that the interaction of church members may be possible.

Through the facilitation of communication among themselves and with other leaders of the congregation, the deacons become a resource for the healing of those in need.

ZECHARIAH 7:9 – Thus Speaketh the Lord of Hosts, saying, execute true judgment and show mercy and compassions every man to his brother.

PCBW Deacon Support System

1. Outreach: To meet the needs of the church and community for fellowship as well as special projects.

·      Church members

·      New members

·      Guests

·      Community

Deacon Coordinator:
Deacon Members:

2. Care/Compassion: To maintain contact with the congregation in the event of joy, illness, loss or personal crisis.

Deacon Coordinators:

·      Cards – Cheri Watson

·      Casseroles – Jennifer Self

·      Take a Meal  –

Deacon Members: Casseroles – Sharon Bockemohle, Cindy Kirk, Karen Forsyth, Cheri Watson and Debbie Hollinger

3. Receptions: To be the persons of contact in order to initiate support and hospitality for memorials and funerals.

·      Funerals

·      Memorials

Deacon Coordinator: Sharon Bockemohle
Deacon Members: All Deacons

4. Coffee Hour: To support and organize the coffee hour by compiling a list of teams responsible for Sunday morning coffee fellowship.  To train and communicate schedules for those participating in preparing the coffee hour.

·      Snacks

·      Drinks

Deacon Coordinator: Karen Forsyth and Suzanne Cunningham
Deacon Members: Sharon Bockemohle, Karen Forsyth, Cheri Watson and Cassie Jones

Deacons List: Sharon Bockemohle, Linda Closner, Suzanne Cunningham (Secretary), Karen Forsyth, Cassie Jones, Sandy Kirk, Jennifer Self and Cheri Watson. For more information about the deacons, please contact