Discernment Process Information: Recently members of PCBW received a letter from Kendall Presbytery about the discernment process. Because of some questions that have arisen, the Session has written a letter to clarify its perspectives on this communication. Please pick up a copy of the letter in the Outer Court Gallery or view it online at http://pcbw.org/discernment/.
Response to Kendall Presbytery Letter

Gracious Dismissal Update from the Session (9/30/16)

Straw Poll Materials:

1.  Straw Poll Congregational Letter
2.  Denomination Comparison Chart
3.  Frequently Asked Questions
4.  Straw Poll Ballot

Summary of Discernment Materials:

1.  Summary Regarding ECO
2.  Summary Regarding PCUSA
3.  Denominational Comparison
4.  Five Solas and the PCUSA

Congregational Letter (8/12/15) – Letter from the Session about their recommendation regarding denominational affiliation with ECO, as well as information about the upcoming congregational discernment process.

Discernment Materials – Prepared by a task force of congregational members formed by the Session to explore possible denominational options for PCBW.

John Ortberg Video: John Ortberg: A Vision for Ministry and Introducing ECO.  Presentation on the vision for what was then a new denomination.  https://vimeo.com/3631055

Dana Allin Video: Why We Left the PCUSA.  Presentation at Los Ranchos Presbytery by Dana Allin, Synod Executive, ECO.

Ron LaVoie’s articles (Kendall Presbytery)