Leadership Team (Session)

What is the distinctive of a Presbyterian church?  The answer is our leadership culture, the clue of which is found in the name itself.  In the New Testament, appointed leaders were called presbeuteroi, or in English, elders.  Each Presbyterian congregation is governed and led by a group of men and women, chosen by and representative of the congregation, called ruling elders.  Together they serve on and comprise the leadership group, called the Session.  The pastor of a Presbyterian church is called a teaching elder, and serves as the moderator of the Session.

Bart Adrian

Bart Adrian

Elder for Music and Worship  paradoxadrian@gmail.com Bart and his wife Lois both practiced medicine in Twin Falls for 27 years as they raised their family. They moved to the valley full time in 2007 after retiring. We now both work part time for ...

Mark Balcos

Elder for Missions and Outreach  mark@woodriverinsurance.com

Bob Cunningham

Elder for Personnel Committee  svfangdr@aol.com

Gretchen Evans

Elder for Children's and Family Ministry  skiserve@cox.net

Jennifer Halverson

Elder for Affiliate Members  mickjenhalverson@cox.net

Jeff Howes

Elder for Administration and Finance Committee  jeff.d.howes@gmail.com
Cindy Kirk

Cindy Kirk

Elder for Deacons Ministry cindykirk@kirk-group.com  

Bunny Manus

Elder for Adult Ministry  bunnymanus@cox.net
Jerry Mitchell

Jerry Mitchell

Elder for Youth and Young Adults Jerry and his wife Mary Beth moved to the valley after thirty years of dental practice in the Seattle area.  The parents of two daughters, Jerry is an avid skier who works as a volunteer with Higher Ground,...

JoAnne Morrical

Clerk of Session  clerk@pcbw.org

Hayward L. Sawyer

Elder for Big Wood School  HLSUSMC@TimeSaveLLC.Com

Jennifer Self

Elder for Communications  jennifernself@gmail.com