Getting Connected

Information Center – When you visit PCBW on a Sunday morning, you’ll find a Visitor Brochure full of information about the church and its life and ministry.  Check in with one of our volunteers at the table and they can help you get connected with your area of interest.

Exploring Faith and the Church – Interested in learning more about the Christian faith? In understanding what makes the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood what it is? In joining PCBW as a member or an affiliate? Then come join us over a nice dinner as Mark leads us through these topics and answers your questions about the church. Check back for information about our next class.

Small Groups – Historically, PCBW unlike many churches, has never had a strong adult Sunday School program.  Rather, we have a vital small group ministry.  Some of our small groups are closed covenant groups that have been meeting for some time, and others are open to new participants.  These groups meet in a variety of locations up and down the valley, and at different times.  If you’re interested in becoming part of a small group, let us know, and we’ll try and get you connected!

Bible Study Groups – There are several Bible Study groups that meet during the week for men and women.  There are many men’s group that meet during the week. There are two studies for women – a Serendipity Bible Study for Working Women on Tuesdays at noon in the church conference room, and a Women Connect Study on Thursdays at 9:30 AM in the Conference Room.  Each of these groups is an engaging study and no prior experience is required to join!

Affiliate Members – Because of our setting in a resort community, we are privileged to have people participate in the life of PCBW from all over the country.  Whether you are here for two weeks or six months, we welcome you to our church family.  Each summer, there is a picnic for our affiliate friends, where you can connect with others who enjoy living in the area.  If you have a church home in your primary residence, we encourage you to consider becoming one of our Affiliate Members.

Baptism – Are you interested in having your child baptized at PCBW, or being baptized yourself?  If so, please contact Pastor Henley and he will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss the meaning of baptism with you.  You do not have to be a member of PCBW to have your child baptized here.  We celebrate the sacrament of baptism in worship on Sunday mornings, and in the summer months, conduct baptisms out of doors in the Big Wood River.

Volunteer Opportunities – One of the best ways to get connected in the life of our church family is through a volunteer opportunity.  It may be greeting on a Sunday, serving as an usher, providing coffee on a Sunday morning, reading and working in the Big Wood School, or teaching a Sunday School class for the children, there are many ways for you to use your gifts and skills and time as a volunteer at PCBW.  Get started by talking to one of the staff members or Session members to explore where your investment of time and talents can make a difference and enrich our life together in the church family.

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